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Need an Editor for Your Novel?

Help Writing a Query Letter? will help you get your manuscript ready to submit to literary agents, editors at publishing houses, as well as self-publishing platforms like KDP, by focusing on what's important, and working with you to improve the below elements of your novel:

  • Structure

  • Plot        

  • Scenes  

  • Dialogue

  • Pacing

  • Point of View   

  • Style     

  • & more  

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NovelMasterClass will be launching in 2023, but we have editors you can work with right now. Just get in touch with us and we can discuss your project. Email us at Support@Novelmasterclass (dotcom)


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About Us

We're published novelists and short story writers

I’m so glad you’ve arrived.'s blog is where you'll learn about all of the craft elements you'll need to write your novel. We'll take you from initial idea all the way through completing your first draft, revisions, and how you can go about securing an agent. Subscribe now to make you're you're not left behind. 

About YOU

You're a writer, or you've always wanted to be a writer. You've put it off long enough. Now's the time for you to actually go after your dream of being a novelist. Join us at and TAKE THE LEAP to becoming a published author.

Peter Stravlo

“I highly recommend Cully's workshop. He's a fantastic writer, extremely insightful with all styles. I've workshopped with him several times, and always come away brimming with ideas on how to improve my work. He helps me generate enthusiasm even when I'm stuck. So encouraging. I know with Cully I'm going to leave with a clear understanding of where I need to take my characters and plot."

Scott Archer Jones

"Cully has been a primary guide in putting the structure together for three of my published novels and two that are seeking representation. When he sits down across the table from you, he can offer up what works, what doesn't, and make detailed suggestions on improving the work. His insight into character is spot-on, and he's fearless at telling you when dialogue has gone adrift. Plus, he's funny as hell."

Teddy Jones

“I have relied on Cully's close reading of my work, a full draft of 300 pages or so, every time. His critiques are candid and direct. He identifies areas where opportunities are missed, specific passages that are well written, and segments that need revision. HIs writing style and mine are different from one another, but he understands. That's important in that he doesn't make suggestions designed to make my writing a clone of his, but rather identifies ways in which I can improve my work within my own approach to storytelling."”

Besides full developmental/substantive editing, Novelmasterclass can also edit your novella or other long-form fiction.

Cully Perlman holds the following degrees:

MFA - Creative Writing, Fiction
MA - Literature in English
BA - English Literature
MBA - Dual Concentration: Market Strategy & International Busine

Cully Perlman’s fiction and nonfiction has been published in Bull Men’s Fiction, The St. Petersburg Review, Real South Magazine, Avatar Review, Creative Loafing, Connotation Press, The Good Men Project, Pioneertown, El Portal, and more. He was a 2013 semifinalist for his novel-in-progress, LOS BEAUTIFUL, as well as on the short list of finalists for the 2012 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Competition for his novel, THE LOSSES. He has been a finalist in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Story Contest, won the Writer’s Digest Dear Lucky Agent contest for a novel, and received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open.

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